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Policies and Procedures 2023/2024


The following information is provided to give you a better understanding of our policies and procedures.  Your signature on the registration form indicates your understanding and acceptance of these policies.


GENERAL INFORMATION:  At Village Dance Center we teach ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and acrobatic techniques with an emphasis on self-discipline.  Each dancer is expected to work diligently to compete with his/herself and to encourage others. DANCERS MUST SHOW RESPECT FOR TEACHERS AND OTHERS AT ALL TIMES.


TUITION:  As we take a limited number of students, we assume you are dancing the full nine months and will be responsible for paying tuition promptly.  Tuition is based on a yearly fee.  Not a number of classes per year or per month.  There are no make-up classes for dance days that fall on holidays. You are responsible for tuition regardless of injury or illness.  If you choose to drop your enrollment during the year and then decide to return to classes, you will be charged the full registration fee ($150.00) again.   All dancers who pay by the month are expected to bring in or mail tuition payments by the 1st of each month.  Those families who do not pay by the 10th are billed and charged a $20.00 late fee.  LATE FEES WILL BE ENFORCED.  All billing charges and tuition payments must be paid for the dancer to stay enrolled.  If tuition falls more than two months behind the dancer will not be allowed to take class until tuition is current.  If your check is returned, we will not be able to redeposit that check.  We charge $20.00 on all returned checks.  Please understand we are a small business with bills of our own.  Please handle your tuition responsibly.  You must prepay September 2024 and May 2025 by September 1st.  All tuition and fees are non-refundable.  If you have any questions about tuition or run into any unexpected financial difficulties, please contact us.  We accept check, cash, Zelle, and credit card.  A $5.00 credit card fee is added to each transaction. 


NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL:  You are responsible for payment for all classes your student(s) is/are enrolled in until we are notified in writing at least two weeks prior to the end of the month.  Missed classes cannot be used in place of payment and no adjustments or credit will be given for missed classes.


****WEBSITE:  We may periodically add photographs of our students to our school website and other social media accounts. By signing the Village Dance Center contract, you are agreeing that photographs of your child may be included. If you wish for them not to be included, please let us know in writing.


RECITAL AND COSTUMES:  All costumes for the recital must be paid for by December 1, 2024.  We will accept payments from September through December.  PAYMENTS FOR COSTUMES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  We assume every dancer is participating in the recital.  If you are not going to be in the recital for all classes you are taking, please let us know before costumes are ordered in December, otherwise, you are responsible for all costume charges.


BALLROOM CLASSES:  These classes are offered in October and February for 6th graders.  A separate flyer will be emailed in May.


PERFORMING COMPANY:  Dancers Level 5 and higher are eligible.  This Company is chosen through a competitive audition.  The fee for auditioning is $20.00.  Information will be e-mailed in August.


DRESS ETIQUETTE FOR DANCE CLASS: We enforce the Dress Code.  Dancers WILL NOT be allowed to take class if not dressed properly (this includes wearing the proper shoes).  No undergarments.  If a student needs extra support only black sports bras are allowed.   No ruffles, lace or designs, no socks, no street shoes, no holes in tights and no JEWELRY, watches, or fitness trackers.  A student who comes to class without the proper shoes WILL NOT be allowed to take class.  Please Label All Dance Wear.  Please wear cover-ups to and from the studio, especially older students, to maintain modesty.  Please do not wear dance shoes outside the studio or to and from class.  We are not responsible for any lost items.


1. BALLET:  Pink ballet shoes from a dance wear distributor, black leotard and pink footed tights.  Elastic must be sewn tightly over the arch of the ballet shoe.  A tight dance sweater may be worn in winter.  No underwear under tights.  Hair must be up in a bun to take class.  No Pony Tails.


2. TAP: Tan tap shoes, black leotard and pink, tan, or black tights. Hair should be up off the neck.  Advanced level students should have tan and black shoes.


3.  JAZZ:  Tan Jazz shoes, black leotard and black, tan or pink tights.  No shirts or pants.  Hair should be up off the neck.


4.  ACROBATICS:  White Acrobatic shoes, black leotard and pink, black or tan footed tights.  Hair must be up off the neck.


5.  BOYS:  Wear appropriate shoes for each class, black shorts, black dance pants or black tights, and a white fitted dance shirt tucked in.


PROMPT PICK-UP & DELIVERY:  No dancers should arrive for class more than 5 minutes early (enough time to change shoes).  Dancers must stay on the front walkway after class.  We cannot be responsible if you are late picking up your child.  Please be careful as you pull in and out of the parking area and hold the younger dancers’ hands.  Please be courteous.  We will let your dancer out promptly and hope you will pick him/her up on time.


PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN:  Dancers never need to arrive more than five minutes before class, and they need to potty before they leave home.  Each preschooler must be potty trained.  Please see ballet dress code for your preschool dancer.  They will need a black leotard (no skirts that are not attached to the leotard please), pink ballet shoes and black or tan tap shoes.  Preschool and Kindergarten will enter and exit through the front door. The parent must meet the child on the front walk.


STUDIO RULES:  No Food, Gum or Candy allowed inside.   Be kind and courteous at all times.  Do not walk through a class that is in progress.  No street shoes are allowed on the studio dance floors.  If your child is sick, please call the studio to let us know.



HOLIDAYS:  The studio will be closed on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Spring Break, Easter Monday, and Memorial Day.


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