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We offer classes for Preschool - 12th grade


Preschool: Ballet/Tap combination with acrobatics.  These classes are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 2:45-3:35 p.m.  The Monday preschool class is reserved for the student’s being walked over from ESJ St. Mark’s Campus.  (Please note on the contract if you prefer a certain day.) 


Kindergarten:  Ballet/Tap combination with acrobatics. This class is held on Monday’s from 3:45-4:40.


1st through 4th graders may sign up for Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acrobatics.  Remember, each class is separate with their own recital dance and costume.  For example, if your child takes all 4 disciplines, they will have 4 costumes.  First grade does not have a recital dance for acrobatics therefore would not have a costume for that class. 


5th through 12th graders may sign up for Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Pointe, and Acrobatics.  Pointe class must be with approval.  Ballet and Pointe are two separate classes.  You must take a Ballet technique class to take Pointe.  There is however one costume for the two classes.  The recital dance is learned during the Ballet Technique class when both Pointe and Ballet students are present.


Company Requirements: If you are interested in auditioning for Company, you must be level 5 or higher and take a minimum of 4 classes per week including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz and Tap or Acrobatics.  Advanced students must take Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, and an additional class.


Open Ballet Class, Advanced dancers only:  This is an additional dance class available for those students already enrolled in ballet.  This is a class focused on ballet technique, stretching and conditioning.  It will be taught on an advanced level.  It is open to anyone currently in Advanced 1 or Advanced 2 classes.  There is no recital dance for this class.  Ballet Leads are chosen from this class and parts are rehearsed during this class the second half of the year.


Extra Classes:  If you wish to take additional classes, please indicate on your registration form by putting the number of classes next to each discipline.  (For example; Ballet - 2.)  Any serious student should be taking a minimum of 2 Ballet classes per week beginning in 4th grade.  Younger students may also take additional classes with approval.


Student Assistants:  Student’s 8th grade and older are eligible to assist with classes. Priority is given to older dancers.  Please note on your registration the day and times you are available.


Classes are leveled as students mature.  Please respect your teacher’s placement.  If changes need to be made, they will be adjusted after classes begin.  We realize students dancing in summer programs may need to be re-evaluated in the Fall.


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