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We enforce the Dress Code.  Dancers WILL NOT be allowed to take class if not dressed properly (this includes wearing the proper shoes).  No undergarments.  If a student needs extra support only black sports bras are allowed.   No ruffles, lace or designs, no socks, no street shoes, no holes in tights and no JEWELRY.  A student who comes to class without the proper shoes WILL NOT be allowed to take class.  Please Label All Dance Wear.  Please wear cover-ups to and from the studio, especially older students, to maintain modesty.  Please do not wear dance shoes outside the studio or to and from class.  We are not responsible for any lost items.  




Pink ballet shoes from a dance wear distributor, black leotard and pink footed tights.  Elastic must be sewn tightly over the arch of the ballet shoe.  A tight dance sweater may be worn in winter.  No underwear under tights.  Hair must be up in a bun in order to take class.  No Pony Tails.




Tan tap shoes, black leotard and pink, tan or black tights. Hair should be up off the neck.




Tan Jazz shoes, black leotard and black, tan or pink tights.  No shirts or pants.  Hair should be up off the neck.




White Acrobatic shoes, black leotard and pink, black or tan footed tights.




Wear appropriate shoes for each class, black shorts or pants and white t-shirt.

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